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Created 2017-09-04
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Description Rude rowdies ruin Earle concert<br><br>My email inbox contained several angry messages from concert goers who felt the venue's management had let everyone down, including Earle.<br><br>It's hard to disagree with them.<br><br>Thanks to some drunken boors in the crowd, mostly in the second balcony, the 90 minute show was ruined for everyone. Earle had come to town to play an acoustic tribute to his folksinger mentor Townes van Zandt, but many people expected him to rock out with the likes of Guitar Town and Copperhead Road.<br><br>As concert goer Craig Tulloch said: "When the performing artist repeatedly asks for the crowd to calm down, then resorts to insulting and swearing at the audience, then threatens to walk off the stage, it <a href="">replica van cleef and arpels sweet alhambra bracelet</a> should be a clue to the venue staff that something is wrong."<br><br>Another attendee, Wendell Loewen, complained that his <a href="">van cleef black bracelet fake</a> area in the top balcony was disrupted by idiots blabbing with each other, going for beer, talking on their cellphones and taking pictures.<br><br>"We have attended <a href="">replica van cleef new bracelet</a> many events at various venues in the city this season and have not been subjected to this inconsiderate behaviour," he said. "It was as bad as the Dauphin (country) fest was for lack of control over the crowd."<br><br>Well, at least it wasn't as rowdy as a Blue Bomber game!<br><br>But, still, why were the disruptions allowed to continue? Where was security in all this? Why was the bar allowed to remain open? Why were these loogans not tossed out in the snow?<br><br>On Monday morning, I phoned the Burt's longtime general manager, Wayne Jackson, for some explanation.<br><br>"We got a few complaints," he admitted. "But try to see things from our side."<br><br>The show, he said, had pre sold about 1,400 of the 1,600 seats. They were scattered throughout the hall. set by M Cr opening act, the rock band Airbourne, at the MTS Centre. Many tickets to that show had been given away to beef up attendance.<br><br>They were "fuelled" for fun, and who better to show them a good time than Earle, notorious for his bad boy ways?<br><br>They had no idea that Earle, now Mr. Temperance, was doing a solo, acoustic tribute to some dead folksinger and had no interest in playing his signature tunes.<br><br>"Who's to say a fan who buys a ticket isn't allowed to shout out a request?" Jackson asked. "This isn't the symphony."<br><br>Security was bare bones that night, 12 people, because the promoter had told them it was a low key show. Still, security asked about 20 people to leave, Jackson says, and these people complied.<br><br>"I don't know if it was a major disruption," Jackson said about the evening. "We can't pick and choose who is allowed into a concert."<br><br>Obnoxious audience members are a fact of life at pop music concerts. At arenas, the disturbances are usually localized, which isn't to defend them. Seldom is the whole audience affected.<br><br>Earle has been through town several times in recent years, usually with a band. It was clear from the beginning that he was having a hard time holding the crowd's attention with just his voice, a guitar and a mandolin.<ul>

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