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Created 2017-10-12
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Description Shock survey finds Melburnians would pass live wire<br><br>Melburnians are so agreeable that they they will risk giving themselves and someone else an electric shock if they are asked to, WorkSafe Victoria found in a recent social experiment.<br><br>In the experiment conducted earlier this month as part of a workplace safety campaign, 70 people walking along Bourke Street in the CBD agreed to hand a "live wire" to an actor posing as a worker <a href="">van cleef arpels engagement ring knock off</a> on a construction site. Despite being told <a href="">van cleef arpel ring knock off</a> the construction worker might, or would, receive "a small shock", 63 people or 90 per cent of the unwitting participants agreed to the request; some even handed the wire to the man multiple times when he dropped it after feigning an electric shock.<br><br>Those who participated were filmed by cameras hidden in a van and later asked whether they were willing to be included in the WorkSafe video, now available on WorkSafe Victoria's Facebook site.<br><br>WorkSafe Victoria spokeswoman Rosanna Bonaccurso said the video was made to demonstrate to employers and managers the vulnerability of people working for them. <a href="">van cleef between the finger ring knock off</a> "It's in our nature to want to help when asked," Ms Bonaccurso said. The video finishes with the slogan "People will take risks if you ask them. So don't ask".<br><br>Ms Bonaccurso said people in positions of power had a moral duty to not exploit those working for them. She said while employers had the principle responsibility for ensuring workplaces were safe, supervisors and managers also had a big role to play in the safety or otherwise of workplaces.<br><br>Last year a supervisor from a drilling company was convicted and given a suspended jail sentence for ordering a 21 year old to drive a truck with faulty parking brakes and no seatbelt down a steep, off road slope near Kilmore in Victoria in 2006. The truck flipped and the young man was killed. He had only recently acquired a truck licence.<ul>

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