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Description of Madison Square Garden<br><br>When John Wall made his first appearance at Madison Square Garden with Kentucky <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">cartier bracelet with screwdriver copy</a> last year, he took over the world's most famous arena with an electrifying performance. He led the Wildcats to a 64 61 win over Connecticut as he scored 12 of his team's final 15 points.<br><br>Wall put on another show a few weeks ago when the Wizards lost to the Knicks in the preseason and said afterward, "The lights is bright, you've got to perform. It's the mecca of basketball, why wouldn't you want to play here?"<br><br>Earlier this week, it looked like Wall's real professional debut in New York was going to be delayed when debris fell on the court and led to the postponement of the Knicks game against the <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">love screw bracelet copy</a> Orlando Magic. But the situation has apparently been cleared up, and the game will go on as planned. The Knicks (2 2) are coming off a 120 112 victory on Thursday night in Chicago, where they shot an incredible 16 for 24 from three point range.<br><br>The Wizards might welcome back Gilbert Arenas as well, as he returns from a strained tendon in his right ankle. Arenas will be a game time decision, and Coach Flip Saunders will likely use him in a reserve role if he plays. Saunders said the Wizards could certainly use Arenas whenever he comes back.<br><br>"He's an all pro player that has the ability to score, has been in big situations. Doesn't get flustered, no matter what the stage is, usually plays better the bigger the stage," Saunders said. "I think because of those situations, he's going to be able to help your younger guys and be a guy you can rely on. Put him on the floor, sometimes with Kirk, it'll make your whole team effective."<br><br>Co captain Kirk Hinrich said that no matter who's on the floor, the Wizards still have to play as a team if they want to have success this season. "We just have to focus on us and bring about the right kind of effort. If we do that, we should be all right," Hinrich said. "Guys are in here working, we're getting there. Guys are trying, that's the most important thing. They are trying to do the right thing, and play the right way and it's coming out well. Everybody is trying to find their way. When we get stops, play with good pace and share the ball, we can be a good offensive team. When we don't, it's pretty evident what happens."<br><br>Hinrich said he has no concerns about playing at Madison Square Garden after the problems earlier this week. "If they say it's safe to play, then I trust them. I'd rather play in Madison because it's kind of one of the places I look forward to playing in, with the history in that building."<br><br>Here is a story on Andray Blatche and his path to regain his conditioning and his form from last season. Also, Gilbert Arenas practiced fully on Thursday and will be a game time decision against the New York Knicks.<br><br>AROUND THE WEB<br><br>Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner also profiles Blatche. He has a quote from Saunders on Blatche's penchant to shoot jumpers instead of posting up. "Sometimes he gets paint repellent."<br><br>Wizards owner Ted Leonsis wants it to be known that his star point guard might not be <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">fake cartier love screw bracelet</a> the only one who get down on the dance floor. He even offers a challenge to fans. "When we have a total paid sellout this season, I will do the "Dougie" I promise."<br><br>ESPN's Colin Cowherd may not be a fan of John Wall's dancing, but he has left an impression with basketball observers who consider him the front runner for rookie of the year after the first week. 1 overall pick Blake Griffin. "If he can maintain the form he showed, his jump shot will be a legit threat for him all season," Thorpe writes.<br><br>In their , Chris Broussard and Ric Bucher argue over which player is the better franchise cornerstone between Wall and Griffin. Broussard goes with Griffin because of his size. "I don't know if Wall will ever even play in an NBA Finals, much less be its MVP. But he has unreal speed, a fantastic handle, floor vision, length and a shooting stroke that will be good enough to keep defenders honest."<br><br>Former Wizard Fabricio Oberto retired from the NBA on Thursday because of his recurring heart condition. CBSSportsline's Ken Berger reports that Oberto left behind a parting gift for the Portland Trail Blazers, by converting his contract from guaranteed to non guaranteed so that the team wouldn't have to pay the remainder of his salary. Broussard goes with Griffin because of his size. He says, "For all the great, scintillating point guard play we're now witnessing in the NBA, history even recent history shows that, when it comes to championships, a great big is more important than a great PG."<br><br>I tend to agrre with this, but the thing is with those "great bigs" so hard to come by it makes having a really good point guard all that more important. He can keep the offense flowing and effective not to mention having great playmaking ability. Broussard goes with Griffin because of his size. He says, "For all the great, scintillating point guard play we're now witnessing in the NBA, history even recent history shows that, when it comes to championships, a great big is more important than a great PG."<br><br>Put me in the BROUSSARD camp. If I ran an NBA franchise I'd have three tremendous bigs and a swing player, and two fair offensive, shut down defensive guards to get them the ball. Defend the perimeter and dish inside. This outside strength is great if you've got the inside locked up. GRUNFELD passed on that maybe because the ghost of KWAME BROWN continues haunting the franchise, and this year the best player was an outside player, WALL. I'm sure GRUNFELD is holding <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">copy cartier bracelet with screwdriver</a> his breath (and his future employability in this league), pinning his hopes on the rapid development inside of BLATCHE, McGEE, ARMSTRONG, SERAPHIN, and N'DIAYE. I have my doubts, but all will be well if the front line develops the way he envisions. Just ask all the upstanding young gentleman packing heat and hanging out drinking 40s at 11am in Sursam Corda. I bet their tough mommas ignored their problems, smacked them around, and taught them to stand up fo' theyselfs real good. They'll probably be dead by age 23, but they sure don't take no disrespect!<br><br>So, yeah, Charlie Villanueva should compromise his NBA career and take a swing at KG next time he sees him on the court because I'm sure he wouldn't want some moron in PG County to think he ain't living the thug life. Jeezus.<br><br>First of all we are talking about trash talking in the NBA. Not thugs, and not PGC. Evidently, you jumped all the way from trash talking all the way to vieldly saying that PGC is a den of thugs.<br><br>I don't get that. If he is able to practive fully then why is he practicing as a 2nd stringer? Sounds like Albert Haynesworth and Shanahan. We all see how that worked out.
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